Leslie Karpman

I'm Leslie Karpman, creator of BBL. I've been a personal trainer and pilates instructor since 2008, and in that time I've been dedicated to my amazing community, and taught over 15,000 classes!  A lot of people don't like to workout because it feels like a punishment, it's not fun.  So with Body By Leslie, what I do is create this really addictive, fun environment that's highly focused on toning, really in an inclusive, kinda flirty little environment.  So no matter what's going on outside, we get to come together in this special place to grow and to revive our bodies, our minds, and our hearts! I made the BBL Online Studio as an outlet for us all to come together with the common goal of getting stronger.  Focus on getting strong, and the sexy body is a side-effect. My method is based on pilates and circuit training to keep our bodies strong and create long lean lines, unilateral work for realignment and form, and cardio bursts for the endorphin rush. I designed the BBL Kit with everything you need to add resistance and balance training with each move in my Signature Classes, and to make exercises compound to accelerate fat burn. I create every BBL workout with level one, two, and three options, as my mission is for everyone to feel included, and to always be challenged!  I don't believe in separating classes by beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  At BBL we all grow together, the newbies inspire the ride-or-dies, the ride-or-dies inspire the newbies, and we all become part of a team. This is not just a workout.  This is a community of people all with the goal of living our happiest and healthiest lives.

In my experience, fitness is life force.  Fitness brought me back.
My first heartbreak is what lead me to training, rebuilding my body, mind, and soul. I felt broken in every way possible.  I hit a rock bottom that in a matter of weeks took me down to 89 lbs. My feelings were so big, I thought they might kill me.   It was hard to move, to breathe.   I remember getting out of the shower, and seeing my spine jutting out in the mirror, and feeling so frightened that I would die there. It was an incredible journey to rebuild both my body and my mindset.  I learned of the strength we carry in our mind/body connection. I may have been broken a few more times, but I learned little by little how to be my own biggest cheerleader, and be proud of that reflection! The gratitude that fills me when I wake up each and every day alive and healthy is an amazing feeling, and I believe it is my purpose to give this back to others. I'm grateful to have this space for this beautiful team. Thank you for trusting me to do this with you all, and for showing up for you.